Polish Haft and Why Polish-Made Embroidered Bras are a Worthwhile Investment

March 19, 2023

Polish Haft and Why Polish-Made Embroidered Bras are a Worthwhile Investment

Embroidered bras deserve a spot in your closet. And it might surprise you that you probably have at least one embroidered piece in your underwear drawer. But, what are they exactly?

Embroidered bras have extra details and patterns sewn on top of the underlying fabric. Embroidery can includes lace, stitching, and other decorations like buttons, pearls, or jewels.

You might be thinking it's just a fancy name for lace bras, right? Well, there is a subtle difference between the two. Lace bras use stitching to create designs without underlying fabric.

Embroidered bras are a force to be reckoned with. They improve the durability of your bra while giving you that dreamy confidence we all crave! Plus, the use of embroidery has a special place certain cultures, which makes it an extra special detail to look out for. 

So, read on to see what you could be missing out on!

small pink embroidered heart

What Is Embroidery?

I'm sure you've heard of embroidery or at least seen this sewing technique splayed over couches or buried in a relative's crafting corner.

Traditionally, embroidered clothing was a sign of luxury and wealth. This is because the typical threads used were scarce and highly sought after.

colorful embroidery threads

Embroidery is essentially the technique of hand-crafting embellished garments (or bras). There are endless embroidery styles, including braiding, french knots, and blanket and cross.

Embroidery uses different threads like silk, cotton, wool, and linen. In bras or lingerie, it also includes those cute buttons that sit center between each cup.

colorful embroidered flowers on dark fabric

Because of how intricate embroidery can be, you'll experience that unique and feminine feel with every bra. No two are the same.

The Art and Tradition of Polish "Haft"

Haft (pronounced, "h-ah-ft") is the Polish word for embroidery. In Poland, as in many cultures, embroidery is a cultural marker that is visible in many day to day and special occasion items. 

Traditional Polish Folk clothing

Polish haft can be found in traditional folk clothing, on Polish tablecloths, handkerchiefs, in curtains (Polish "firanki"). It is typically inspired by nature and often depicts floral motifs and patterns, though each region has a specific embroidery style and set of patterns unique to the area. 

Polish folk clothing with intricate embroidery

Traditional Polish embroidery patterns are so beautiful and intricate, that it's no surprise that Polish clothing and lingerie makers have brought this thoughtful detailing into their modern work.


How Embroidery or "Haft" is Used in Lingerie

The beauty of embroidery has been in fashion for years - introducing embroidery into bras and lingerie means everyone enjoys all the support they need from their bras while feeling a sense of elegance, luxury, and individuality.

But with all the materials and accent types available in lingerie especially, it can be difficult to tell the difference between embroidered pieces and those using a different technique. In particular, the difference between embroidery and lace can be tricky to spot.

Difference Between Embroidery And Lace

There are so many different accents that you can choose in your clothing and lingerie, so it can be annoying to understand what you're choosing.

The most commonly mistaken two accent styles are embroidery and lace. So what are the differences? Is there even any?

beige lace lingerie set laying on a wood floor white blanket

The easiest way to understand embroidery is by comparing it to those fancy monogrammed handkerchiefs. You know, those ones constantly popping up in murder mysteries, framing an innocent bystander?

Embroidery is the design that sits on top of the fabric, whereas lace creates those intricate details with the stitching itself.

white fabrics with colorful embroidery in the traditional Polish folk style

In lace fabric, the thread is sewn or looped to create the pattern. And because there's no underlying foundation, all the support relies on the integrity of the design and thread. That means the strength of lace materials can vary widely.

Perks of Choosing An Embroidered Bra

Embroidered bras are amazing creations, and not having one in your wardrobe is sinful! Here are some perks for including one in your clothing arsenal.

Styles Are Endless

Because the responsibility of the actual support is on the bra and its material, the versatility of embroidery is endless. Once the fabric is good quality, then it's all about picking the perfect style.

You might choose a lazy-daisy design that tops each cup to relive those glorious hippy days. Or send yourself to cloud nine with natori feathering lining your gorgeous bust.

Because of the wide scope of embroidery, the only limit is your imagination and confidence!

Extends The Life of Your Bra

Aside from being beautiful, an embroidered bra can hold up longer (with proper care) than other accented types. And it's all because of that extra stitching.

The additional stitching adds structure to the bra, preventing it from wearing down while handling the extra weight of a large bust.

And with embroidery, the color of your bra lasts longer. It has that extra layer of protection against fading.

Gives You That Unique And Feminine Feel

Choosing an embroidered bra, especially from a Polish brand, you'll be confident it will be unique and make you feel special.

Polish brands, like Gorteks, hand make their bras, so even if you buy two of the same style, no two will be identical.

There will always be a slight difference in pattern size or placement, precisely what your unique self needs in your wardrobe!

Who doesn't want to feel like they are one of a kind? Or flash new-found confidence wearing an embroidered bra under a sheer top?

woman holding an embroidered navy bra in front of her body

What To Look For When Shopping Embroidered Bras

Of course, quality across all your clothing is essential. And, when dealing with your lingerie needs, there is no other option.

A pretty-looking bra only goes so far when it's digging into your back or making you spill out!

When shopping in physical stores, it's easier to weed out the top-notch from the cheaply made. But online is a bit more tricky.

So. here are a few things to look for, no matter if you're in-store or online!

Fabric Quality

Because a comfortable embroidered bra relies heavily on the underlying fabric, the quality must start there.

To give your girls the breathing space they love, look for combination materials (cotton blends, for example). Unfortunately, it's common for some brands like Victoria's Secret to create bras with beautiful embroidery made of 100% nylon.

Nylon is a synthetic material that's not very breathable and tends to itch the skin, particularly irritating those with skin sensitivities.

It just brings up images of which brings up images of a scratchy band digging into your skin. Or that constant dull itch along the tops of the cup.

Embroidery Quality

All embroidery should be tightly sewn so that even a rogue nail can't snag the stitching loose. When choosing a bra with lace details, check how the pattern looks.

Cheap lace will fluff and curl around the edges easily. And usually have a large-holed pattern to save stitching and lace.

Bra Construction

To make the most of your bust, you'll want the perfect bra that accentuates the girls while supporting you too. And this all relies on the quality of the straps, the underwire, and the cup design.

Straps And Band

Most modern straps are at least partially made of elastic. Even though elasticity is crucial for supporting you correctly, watch out for flimsy-looking and thin straps.

For cheaper bras, some brands add plastic sliders on the straps instead of metal. Although more cost-effective, plastic sliders break more quickly than metal. 

And the same goes for the band. They are partially made of elastic for that crucial support and give. So watch for elastic quality. Too stretchy or too rigid isn't going to support you properly.

Underwire and Cup Support

Although many think all the support lies with straps, having high-quality underwire and cup shape goes a long way too.

For those with large busts, having a narrow set underwire is essential for cinching in your chest while giving it the lift you need. Whereas if you choose a run-of-the-mill underwire bra, that underwire isn't going to suit your bust and will just dig into your skin.

Choosing a bra brand that includes ones with 3-piece cups is ideal for a large bust. These parts are sewn together, providing extra structure and support throughout the cup.

Unfortunately, many big name brands (and those found in the mall) don't truly cater to those with a large bust -- they create a bra based on one (small) size and love just increasing the size without thinking if it's actually going to fit larger busts.

How To Care For Your Embroidered Bra

If you want to wear your bra for years to come, how you take care of it will decide on long you can wear it. So, how do you keep your delicate bra in top-notch condition?


Like me, you've probably grown up with throwing your bra into the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. But, ever noticed how quickly the cups and detailing warp on a brand-new bra?

Even though it takes more effort to hand wash items, it's the best way to preserve them.

Nothing is worse than finding your favorite bra mangled beyond help all because you threw it into the washing machine.

Luckily, handwashing isn't difficult or time-consuming. Our guide will help you get the most out of your lingerie.

As embroidery is very delicate, handwashing is the only way to keep those beautiful details intact.

Machine Washing

Machine washing can be your savior if you're stuck in a pinch. For example, maybe you forgot to wash your bra and had the perfect outfit planned for the night.

When machine washing, use mild detergent on a cold wash or, ideally, a 'delicates' wash.

Getting a delicates wash bag is the only way to go when machine washing. It's a small mesh bag that either zips or ties closed. It stops the straps from wrapping around clothing and stretching out.

And, to protect the band and other clothing, hook your bra closed to prevent it from snagging on your clothes.

(Or, finding a bra hook embedded in the drum of the machine. Another bra bites the dust... sigh)


No matter how you wash your bra, always reshape the cups and straighten any embroidery details before air-drying them.

Must-Have Gorgeous Embroidered Bras

Now that you know how pretty your bra can be with embroidery and how well it keeps your favorite bra perfect, why not check out our beautiful collection below?

Gorteks Adele

The Gorteks Adele is an elegant unmolded balcony bra with semi-sheer 3-part cups, perfect for feeling lightweight while giving the lift your girls need. And, with its narrow-set underwire, you'll be lifted off your feet with its perfect fit.

Delicate embroidery overlays each cup, adding gorgeous texture and richness with a jewel in the center. And it doesn't stop there, with embroidery along the straps and band, showing off an intricate mesh design by the hook-and-eyes.

Gorsenia Memphis

Gorsenia's Memphis is the show-stopper you didn't know you needed. Another 3-part cupped gem, this comfortable bra supports your bust while hinting at discovering with its suggestive underboob transparency. Elastic tulle and lace cover each cup, filling you with confidence to flaunt what you've got!

The Memphis has an underwire, a smooth, comfortable band, and wide adjustable straps to give you that dream fit. And why not emphasize your amazing bust with its flirtatious embroidered harness straps?

Gorteks Onyx

Another pretty addition deserving a home in your closet is the Gortek Onyx. This bra is more understated but shouldn't be underestimated. It still has that beautiful embellishment with intricate embroidery on the tops of each cup.

Using the classic 3-part cup style with underwire, the subtle beauty is the perfect piece for your everyday outfit. The cups are opaque but covered in sheer tulle, hinting at hidden treasure for all who see it. The tulle flows into the band, ending with a 2-hook closure and adjustable straps.

Gorteks Mabel

Another beautiful choice by Gorteks - the Mabel has stunning embroidery in feathered pattern over sexy, sheer blush cups.


Add Some "Haft" to Your Lingerie Drawer, Today!

Having to choose between these gorgeous beauties doesn't need to be complicated. So make the easy choice and check all our unique pieces side by side!

Because of the versatility of embroidery styles, materials, and techniques, you most likely have one or two embroidered bras in your closet without realizing it.

And now that you know how much embroidery can add to integrity while making your bra pop, there's no limit to how many pretty styles will fit in your closet now!

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