Without a Doubt, This is the Best Plunge Bra for Large Breasts

August 20, 2023

Without a Doubt, This is the Best Plunge Bra for Large Breasts

I know what you're thinking, plunge bras only suit women with dense tissue and small boobs. Maybe you've tried plunge bras in the past and found that they just don't suit your large chest. With a bust above a DD, can a plunge bra really work for me?

Plunge bras are just as worthy of your time and offer some unique benefits compared to other styles - they don't show under lower cut tops and help gather the bust for lifted, perky look.

Well-made bras are helpful regardless of size, but they are especially crucial for those with bigger chests. This is where Polish bras come in. Polish bra companies are often the most respected and recommended by lingerie experts and wearers alike. They are renowned for creating stylish and supportive bras for larger sizes and they make fabulous plunge styles crafted specifically for large busts.

Regardless of what brand you're looking at when shopping for your new favorite plunge bra, are there things you need to look out for? And is there such a thing as a plunge bra that works well for larger sizes?

photo of a pink plunge bra

What is a Plunge Bra?

The basics of a plunge style is in the name - this is a style with a low center gore that allows the bra to "plunge" low. This plunging shape lets the bra stay out of the way of lower cut tops and dresses.

What may be less obvious, is that a plunge bra with a thoughtful structure can also create lift and sexy cleavage, even for those with very large breasts.

How can a plunge bra do this?

The cups of a thoughtfully crafted full bust plunge bra are specifically shaped and designed to gather the bust in toward the center of the chest.

Plunge bras are made in a variety of cup styles - everything from umolded, unlined styles to those that are lightly lined, or even padded.

Plunge bras with removable "cookies" or padded inserts can be perfect for the asymmetrical women among us. An unlined style might suit those with denser tissue or those looking for a more natural shape.

When are plunge bras preferred to other styles, like balconette or full coverage?

This comes down to how you sit in your bra.

Some women can't fill the entire cup of a full-coverage bra. Others have too narrow shoulders for the typical wide-set straps of balconettes.

This is where the plunge bra comes in.

A plunge bra has a low cut gore, and shorter underwire than other bras. For many women, this can create a comfy fit without restricting your movement or outfit choice.

Though plunge bras fit many women well, are there shapes better suited for them?

What Breast Shape Are Plunge Bras Good For?

A plunge is the perfect bra for those with:

1) bottom fullness

2) pendulous breasts

3) wide-set or "east-west" breasts

There are roughly 12+ breast shapes that are used most often to help categorize the many, many variations of breasts, though that doesn't mean you'll necessarily fit into just one of those shapes.

Pendulous breasts, sometimes colloquially called "saggy", tend to be elongated with downward-facing nipples. Most of the soft breast tissue will be below the nipple line (aka bottom fullness), and the top will be shallow.

Because of this uneven fullness, full-coverage bras usually mean there'll be too much space at the tops of the cups.

Balconette shapes are also a great choice for those with fullness at the bottom of their breasts, but they may not suit those with narrow shoulders, wide set breasts, or women who want to show off their deep-v neckline.

Wide-set breasts are those that sit far apart on the chest. Sometimes, the nipples point towards the left and right.

Often used interchangeably with "east-west" breasts, the main difference between these classifications is how much space there is if you can comfortably fit three fingers between your boobs. If they don't touch tissue, they're wide-set.

Why a Plunge Bra Might Be Your Ideal Everyday Bra

Think that a plunge bra is great for night outs or deep-v dresses but not for every day?

In a world where uniqueness and flair are celebrated, gone are the days of resorting to high-necked t-shirts every day just because you've got a bigger chest.

Why not wear your favorite low-cut top or your deep-cut summer dress just because?

illustrations of low cut dresses

Plunge bras are the perfect choice under your favorite low cut dress or top, or as an everyday basic!


When looking for everyday support, it's only natural that women gravitate towards getting old reliable t-shirt bras.

Now, there's nothing wrong with them. They get the job done. But as you might now realize, it's also natural for some women not to properly fit into a t-shirt bra.

A plunge bra is more forgiving as it keeps your girls secure without leaving you swimming about in the cups as your body moves.

Rarely a day goes by when we aren't bending over to grab something from a low shelf or leaning over to scoop up a naughty child. So we need something that moves with us and doesn't end up burying itself into our skin.

The shorter underwire prevents that!

They more readily move as your body moves while staying supportive. And, for women with a small band with large cup sizes, they are a godsend!

No longer do we need to wrestle with a digging t-shirt bra underwire while juggling more important things to focus on.

A plunge bra is the perfect balance between support and comfy. So give them a try next time you instinctively reach for a t-shirt bra.

Do Plunge Bras Suit A Bigger Bust?

Damn right, they do!

Where many of us get it wrong is thinking that the cups and straps are responsible for the support you need. But it all comes down to the band.

Once you have the band size right and choose a high-quality bra, there's no reason you can't show off your fabulous fuller bust in any plunging outfit.

And it's another reason to stock your wardrobe full of brand-new Polish bras like Ewa Michalak. While many companies only make minimizing bras for big boobs, EM bras are all about emphasizing what your mama gave you!

Worried About Spilling Out of Your Plunge Bra?

plunge bra with an imperfect fit

Have you ever tried a plunge bra before only to find that you're slipping out of it in no time?

You might find yourself spilling out for several reasons your bra, even if it's a high-end one. But there is a way to avoid that from happening.

The two main reasons you spill out of your plunge bra are either down to the bra having an improper fit or lack of support.

It could be a case of the bra size being wrong for the style you're in. Or that the cups are too shallow and narrow to keep your girls inside the cups. So always look for bras that give you enough cup coverage for your bigger boobs.

Especially for women with a bigger bust, the band and its underwire are even more crucial for support. If you're not getting a good fit and finding that the underwire seems to gap out, then it's time to change bras.

Finding plunge bras with narrowly-set wires will gather the girls within the contours of your body while being incredibly supportive and comfy at the same time.

Do Plunge Bras Give You Cleavage?

Of course, they do!

Nothing is stopping you from flaunting your stuff except for the lack of a supportive plunge bra in your wardrobe.

Even if your boobs are asymmetrical and like to wander about when you're braless, plunge bras are going to be your friends.

And you can choose how show-stopping you want your girls to be with the choice of a normal or deep plunge bra.

Does Your Cleavage Depend on Plunge Bra Type?

You'll be pleasantly surprised how the subtle differences between these two plunge bra types can change your outfit in an instant.

A normal plunge bra should be your go-to bra for everyday wear. It gives you a low-cut neckline lower than a traditional bra. But gives you more support and comfort for your normal to moderately low-cut outfits.

They are designed to show off your cleavage in a natural, subtle way. Whereas wearing a deep plunge bra is all about showing off your assets in all their glory.

Deep plunge bras are a special type of plunge that can be worn with very low cut to plunging t-shirts and dresses. The center gore is extremely low on these bras (even as deep as your belly button!), so you can spring for that dream deep-v neckline outfit you've favorited.

Why You Need a Plunge Bra in Your Wardrobe

As you've probably gathered by now, there's no reason why a plunge bra shouldn't be a go-to option in your wardrobe. It deserves its spot alongside your other favorite styles.

To summarize:

  • Comfortable fit: If you want a comfy bra that doesn't swallow your bust whole, a plunge bra has you covered. It's a gorgeous style and makes your breasts feel cozy while giving you the best support possible.

  • Clothing versatility: Women shouldn't feel like they can't wear what they want because of peeking straps or cups. Choosing from normal or deep plunge bras gives you that lift without resorting to high-necked/crew-cut outfits.

  • Enhances cleavage: No matter whether you're perky or your girls are trying to escape each other, the push-up effect plunge bras give will show off your bust in all its glory.

  • Confidence boosting: All any of us want is to feel confident in our bodies. So why not elevate your bomb-ass figure with cleavage to match?

Now that you're convinced a plunge bra belongs in your wardrobe, how do you know you've found the right one?

How To Choose The Right Plunge Bra

First, have an idea of whether you're looking for a normal plunge or a deep one. And then it's looking for those all-important bra basics.

1. Make Sure You're Looking For The Right Bra Size

Knowing your bra size is just the start. If you've set your mind on a particular brand, check out reviews and their website to see sizing guidelines.

You may need to do some math to translate it to US sizing. Or you might have to rejig the cup size to make sure it fits perfectly. Play around with the band size. Or go for your sister size.

2. Look For High-Quality Fabric, Adjustable Straps, Multi-Hook Closures, and Seams

When it comes to taking care of your bust, the quality of the bra is going to decide how much support and comfort you're going to get.

Sticking with reputable brands, and Polish brands in particular, are going to be your best bet to get top-notch fabric.

Adjustable straps are going to be key, especially if your boobs need a little help staying put in the cup. The straps are there to help mold the cup around your breasts, so being able to adjust the fit is crucial.

Over time your bra becomes stretchy after a few wears. Adjustable straps and multi-hook closures help keep your bra fitting well for years to come.

Some women tend to balk at the idea of wearing a seamed bra. That the seams will be obvious under body form tops or outfits. But that's an issue no more!

Like it or not, women with larger busts need extra support. And multi-part cups are an integral part of providing that support.

It might seem counterintuitive, but sewing two or three pieces of fabric together actually reinforces the cup. They lift and return your girls to their rightful place on your chest.

3. Ensure The Gore Is Sitting Properly

If you notice that the center gore is digging into the breast tissue while wearing your plunge bra, you're not alone. It's a common complaint among women who wear plunge bras.

It's typically due to the cup size being too big, but luckily there are some easy ways to fix it, and might just need some bra fit rejigging.


Now that that's all sorted, down to the crux of the matter! What is the best plunge bra for larger busts?

Best Plunge Bra For Large Breasts - Ewa Michalak PL Padded Plunge

There's no doubt about it, Ewa Michalak's PL Padded Plunge takes first place.

So what actually makes it the best?

Available in a Wide Range of Sizes

Available from US band sizes 30-50 and cup sizes D-O, the PL Plunge is a classic example of how wide of a range Ewa Michalak makes her bras.

Has Highly Supportive, Multi-part Cups

Covered in delicate Antonina white lace, the three-part cups lift your ladies and push them together, creating that flawless cleavage look. All the while giving you all the support you need to strut your stuff. Another mark of premium Polish brands.

The Option To Remove Padding

Not everyone wants that push-up effect plunge bras are famous for, especially for everyday wear. With removable pads, the EM PL plunge lets you decide how much lift you want, how much you show off your cleavage given the occasion.

Plus, it's the ideal friend for the asymmetrical among us!

The Narrow Underwire Is Ideal For Bust Gathering

The narrowly set underwire gathers your bust into your body without interrupting the sleek silhouette we all want. And is the perfect feature for small waist, big boobs beauties.

Its Lightweight Support Keeps The Focus On Feeling Good

Many bras are so jam-packed with features that they feel like they're dragging you down instead of lifting you up. With that in mind, the PL Plunge uses lightweight fabric and wires to keep your girls comfy and staying put during your day.

Has The 3 Key Plunge Ingredients - Adjustable Straps, a Supportive band, and Low Gore

All the important features of a plunge bra are neatly tied in a cute bow. The straps continue the elegant vibe with frilling along the lengths. The band flows effortlessly from each cup (and has side boning for extra support!). And that exquisite peek-a-boo gore is the cream of the crop to this plunging beauty.


With all that, it's no wonder that the EM PL Plunge is one of our best sellers and loved by our customers!

How To Adjust Your Size For Ewa Michalak's Plunge Bra

With a quick glance on any website featuring Ewa Michalak's' bras (including their own), you'll quickly learn an EM bra runs firm and tight in the band compared to other brands. They are made to stretch to the length of the band in cm (e.g., a US 32 or EM 70 band will stretch to ~70 cm when new). Since this sizing philosophy is quite uncommon, it's extremely common to go up a band size or 2 in Ewa Michalak compared to other popular brands.

Even if you're familiar with Ewa's bras, differences between cup shapes across styles mean it's important to pay attention to fit notes for each cut.

For the PL Padded Plunge, the cups run small compared to other EM bras, so sizing up in the cup is common for a proper fit.

The padded inserts do provide some flexibility in fit, so removing the inserts will provide more space if you find the cup is just slightly too small. 

For those looking to achieve maximum cleavage and lift with this style, sticking to your typical size (with your EM adjusted band) may help you achieve just that.

Ready to take the plunge?

Now that you're a firm fan of plunges, and love the look of EM's PL Plunge, there's no stopping you from adding this beauty to your cart here!

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