How to Support Heavy, Pendulous Breasts with Soft Tissue: 4 Tips to Find the Best Bra for Sagging Breasts

April 08, 2023

How to Support Heavy, Pendulous Breasts with Soft Tissue: 4 Tips to Find the Best Bra for Sagging Breasts

Gravity, eh? It keeps us on the ground and all that. But, it also weighs on our bodies, and not always in ways that we'd like.

Having heavy breasts that "sag" can knock our self-confidence, whether from a gradual weight change or age, genetic disposition, or post-kids.

Especially when you see images of gravity-defying breasts on models or in more NSFW scenes of your favorite show.

In this age of inclusivity and embracing breasts in all shapes and sizes, it's time to embrace yours and find the perfect supportive bra for you.

The best bras for sagging breasts are made of high-quality low-stretch fabrics, side boning, and multi-part cups. These bras support and lift sagging breasts to keep you comfortable and create a natural shape.

So, if you experience sagging breasts, it's time to flaunt them in comfortable, supportive bras and no longer feel self-conscious about your fabulous bust!


Disclaimer: Beautiful Breasts Come in all Shapes and Sizes!

Social media, and media in general, can be fabulous. Connecting us to long-distance friends or discovering the newest fashion trends.

But, it's important to recognize that a lot of what we see is filtered or photoshopped to accentuate the model/person's best features as possible.

Although seeing pert breasts can knock your self-esteem, it's time to shift your thinking! Everybody is individual and deserves celebration.

But with this individuality, finding the perfect bra for your shape can be a little difficult. So, before we get into what to look for (and avoid), check out what breast shape you match the most!

photo of a smiling group of women of different shapes and sizes


A Guide To Different Breast Shapes

Because everyone is unique, there can be a whole host of different breast shapes you can find when searching online.

The most common breast shapes are below:

Common Shapes Across All Bust Sizes

    • Asymmetrical
    • East-West / Wide Set
    • Narrow / Close Set

Common Shapes for Larger Busts

    • Bell-Shaped / Teardrop
    • Relaxed/Pendulous
Common Shapes for Smaller Busts
    • Rounded / Archetype
    • Conical
    • Athletic

Now, this can seem overwhelming, right? Where do you even start? Below is an overview of what each shape actually means!


Common Shapes Across All Bust Sizes


illustration of asymmetrical breasts

Over half of us have asymmetrical breasts. Of course, no breasts are perfectly identical anyway, but asymmetrical breasts tend to have a pronounced difference, with a difference of a cup size or more between the two breasts.

“Pretty much no one has completely symmetrical breasts,” says fertility specialist Dr. Cindy Duke.

Not only can they differ in cup size, but asymmetrical breasts can also have different breast tissue volumes and positions.

With asymmetrical breasts, being able to add or remove pads in your bra cups is ideal for this shape.

A Tip for Asymmetric Breasts: Ewa Michalak's molded styles are a great option. The cups come with removable inserts that help you adjust the fit for each breast!

Wide Set / East-West

illustration of east-west breasts

East-West breasts go from the center of the chest towards each side. The nipples typically point in opposite directions too.

Typically there is also a wider gap between the breasts - for example, you may be able to fit three fingers or more between each breast without touching the tissue.

A full-coverage bra with side panels is great for gathering and lifting wide set breasts.

Narrow / Close Set

Close set breasts are the opposite of wide set - the roots sit close together, with a minimal gap between the two breasts. 

Bras with narrowly set underwires are most likely to provide the best fit for close set roots

Look for underwires that actually touch and connect at the gore, rather than those that are separated by some extra fabric.

Fun fact: Bras made in Poland are known for their closely set underwires for a comfortable fit for those with close set roots.


Most Common Shapes for Larger Busts

Bell-Shaped / Teardrop

illustration of teardrop breasts

Fairly self-explanatory, bell-shaped or teardrop-shaped breasts look like a bell or teardrop!

They are thinner on the top with a fuller bottom. They don't have much tissue on the top and are fullest underneath the nipple. This is a common shape for large breasts.

A full-cup bra keeps the girls contained without spilling out for this breast shape. A multi-part cup structure will also help lift the weight of a heavy bust and bring some fullness to the top of the cup.


illustration of pendulous breasts

Relaxed or pendulous breasts are elongated with downward-facing nipples and lax tissue.

This shape is common with sagging breasts, especially after weight loss or pregnancy.

Choosing a seamed cup bra with an underwire and reinforced side support panels (especially if you have larger breasts with a lot of tissue) will support you perfectly.


Most Common Shapes for Smaller Busts

Archetype / Rounded

illustration of rounded breasts

This is the 'standard' shape that many bra brands use to base their bras on.

The breast tissue is round and full, with pointed nipples in the center, and has a fairly close-set (~2 fingers width) gap between each breast.


You don't necessarily need to be a professional athlete to have athletic breasts. Aside from an excellent exercise regime, this shape can come down to genetics.

This shape is characterized by wider-set boobs, which are muscular looking and have less breast tissue.

Cup gaping is a common complaint with athletic breasts, so sticking with a push-up or plunge bra is best.


Conical breasts project out from the chest wall itself, just like cones! This shape is more typical in smaller breasts.

Padded bras with seamless foam cups support conical breasts and provide a round shape. Plus, the cups help gather in wide-set conical breasts too.


What Causes Breasts to Sag? How Our Bodies and Breasts Change over Time

Breasts are made of tissue, fat, and ligaments.

The connective tissue within your breasts are known as Cooper's ligaments, and these ligaments are responsible for supporting and creating the shape of your breasts.

Over time, these ligaments stretch from gravity and lose skin elasticity. In other words, your breast sag. It's completely normal and a natural part of aging.

Aside from age, a few things can cause saggy breasts. These include:

  • Pregnancy/Weight Change

  • Smoking

  • Breast size

  • An ill-fitting bra

Pregnancy/Weight Change

While pregnant, your breasts will naturally increase in size as they fill with milk. This breast growth will stretch the skin and tissue during the pregnancy but won't have the same elasticity to snap back afterward.

A common myth is that breastfeeding creates sagging breasts. But there is no research linking breastfeeding and sagging breasts!

It's most likely the changes in size throughout pregnancy that causes breasts to sag.

And, like with pregnancy, breasts will grow as more fatty tissue fills the bust with weight gain. And then the loss of fat during weight loss will leave looser skin. And saggy breasts!


It's well known that smoking can age you prematurely. And that's no different for your breasts, either.

The increased exposure to harmful substances called free radicals affects your skin's elasticity, encouraging fine wrinkles and sagging breasts.

Breast Size

Unfortunately for us blessed with larger chests, gravity is crueler on our breasts than those with a small bust. Because of the weight of large breasts, gravitational pressure is higher. The Cooper's ligaments will stretch out more easily than those in smaller chests.

An Ill-Fitting Bra

Another culprit of sagging breasts is wearing the wrong bra. So, a well-fitted bra will help prevent premature breast sagging!

To offset this sagging, go to a bra expert to get yourself measured for supportive bras for your shape and size.

Some people think either wearing a bra or going without increases sagging. But this is another debunked myth!

Though there are caveats. For instance, you need a proper sports bra to prevent gravitational pull on your chest during exercise. As well as to avoid breast pain!

And similarly, wearing the correct bra size doesn't mean your chest will lose its ability to support itself without a bra. Or worsen because you're wearing the right bra.


Our Recommendation: Learn to Love your Breasts Just as They Are!

photo of a confident woman wearing black underwear looking in the mirror

First off, for many, saggy breasts are just part and parcel of their body's makeup. Therefore, there's nothing wrong with them, and they should be praised.

Everyone is unique, and if we weren't, it would make for a very boring world.

Regardless of why your breasts sag, they deserve nothing but gratitude. Those sagging breasts represent you for precisely who you are!

And, if they've changed because of weight change, age, or pregnancy, they deserve celebrating. They tell a story of improving health, the privilege of living a long life, or bringing a gorgeous baby into the world!

And, it's about time fashion and lingerie companies recognized that every body and bust is different. And, thankfully some companies have done just that!

photo of diverse women sitting together


What to Avoid if You Have Soft Tissue

Soft tissue and sagging breasts tend to go hand-in-hand. So, what is soft tissue?

Soft tissue has more fatty tissue than glandular or fibrous.

Soft tissue just means there's less structural tissue to keep the breast lifted. Changes in breast density (firm or soft) are normal.

Soft tissue is more commonly seen in older women around menopause due to shrinking milk systems. But that doesn't mean young ones can't have soft breasts or older gals' firm breasts!

So, because your breasts need a little more support than firmer ones, you need to make sure you're wearing supportive bras.

How to Identify a Poorly Fitting Bra

A poorly-fitting bra can affect those with soft tissue more than those with firmer tissues. Your bust needs more support and can be more easily affected by a badly-fitting bra. Some of the obvious signs this type of bra features include:

Slipping or digging straps

If your bra straps are constantly slipping off your shoulders, then it can be a sign that you need to sister size down in the band or tighten the straps.

And then, in contrast, if they feel too tight and dig into your skin, you'll need to go up in band size or loosen the straps.

The right bra will have adjustable straps, letting you slide two fingers easily under the straps.

Uncomfortable underwire

An underwire bra for sagging breasts is a great choice.

But if you feel like the underwire is digging or chafing your skin, you'll most likely need a bigger band size. If the underwire feels too loose, try dropping a bra size.

A great underwire bra will sit under your bust without sitting on the breast tissue.

Poor-fitting bra band

If your band constantly rides up at the back, then you need to go for a smaller bra band. And, if it's pinching or chafing your skin, increase the band size.

A great bra band will sit straight and be comfortable.

Cup issues

If you notice any gaping between your breasts and the cups, you're in the wrong bra and should drop a cup size. If your boobs are slipping out (commonly known as 'quadboob'), you should go up a cup.

The bra cup should fit you comfortably and fully encompass your bust.

Why T-shirt Bras are Not the Answer

Even though they seem to be the only type of bra you can find in your store, a t-shirt bra for those with soft tissue are a no-no.

And here's why...

A t-shirt bra cup doesn't factor in the fluidity of your bust. A t-shirt bra is typically padded with seamless cups, which makes sense as they're there to smooth and streamline the look of your outfit.

Those with soft tissue need cups that are more readily molded to their shape and more structured to help with lift while giving that extra support.

Instead of the firmer cup edges of a t-shirt bra, going with softer finishes like stretch lace is ideal, which isn't common in t-shirt bras!

Typically, t-shirt bras have a small, low gore. However, bras with higher gores for those with saggy breasts give an added hold. And this is particularly important for breasts that have a center fullness.

Many women with saggy breasts find that a full-cup bra (including t-shirt ones) has too much space at the top of the cups.

They don't have enough tissue to fill the entire cup. And this is especially seen in those with shallow or bottom-heavy breasts. So, a lower-cut bra (like a half-cup bra) is perfect for saggy breasts instead of a full-cup bra.

photo of a t-shirt bra with an 'x' under it and a seamed bra with a checkmark under it


4 Things to Look for if you have Soft, Heavy Tissue

Now you know what bras you want to avoid for your breasts. So, what should you be looking for when shopping for your next new bra?

1) Quality Fabric with Little Stretch

Because your soft bust relies on a bra more than those with firmer breasts, the best bras for you will be made of strong fabric without too much stretch.

High-quality bras are made from nylon, cotton, polyester, and even silk. Or a combination of these fabrics.

These materials are sturdy and don't buckle or stretch easily under the weight of your heavy bust. If the bra is made from at least one of these materials, you can go to town with embellishments and detailing like lace!

2) Multi-part or Seamed Cup Bras

To get that extra support from your bra, choose ones with seamed cups (multi-parts). These cups have stitching across the cup and are commonly made by stitching two fabrics together.

Most 3-part cups have seams placed perfectly to lift and support saggy breasts (vertical) while creating a round natural shape (transverse)!

I know I was hesitant to try seamed bras after a lifetime of seamless cups. But I needed the support but thought the seams would easily show through t-shirts.

However, bra brands are catching on, and there are plenty of bras with extra fabric lining to keep that sleek silhouette. So if that's a concern of yours, too, banish that worry away!

3) Side Support

Side support is a crucial element for any big-busted beauties. And even more so for those with saggy breasts. Having side supports helps the bra handle the weight of a heavy bust.

The best bras for sagging breasts will have side panels or boning built in to add structure to the bra. They are flexible enough not to dig into your skin but are strong enough to help gather and center your saggy breasts to the chest wall.

4) Lightly Molded or Padded Cups

Another excellent choice for those with sagging breasts is lightly padded or molded bras. These bras typically have seamless cups, so they give great shape without the risk of interrupting the flow of your outfit.

Essentially the difference between molded and padded bras is that molded bras are typically made of contoured foam to lift and give you shape without adding volume. In contrast, padded bras have...well, padding to add volume to your bust.

Many large busted women don't want to increase their bust size, so going with a lightly padded or molded bra will give them the support and look they're after.


What Bras are Good For Sagging Breasts?

With all this great knowledge, you'll be eager to know the best bras for sagging breasts. Is it possible for bras to lift sagging breasts?

Luckily, we have a range of comfortable bras for sagging breasts that are either medium or full coverage.

Medium Coverage Bras that Lift

You might be curious what the difference is between medium and full-coverage bras. Well, medium coverage cups are the most common and finish midway between your nipple and the top of your breast.

Ewa Michalak S Padded Push-Up Bra

The Ewa Michalak S Padded Push-Up doubles as a beautiful balconette bra, accentuating your bust and giving you plenty of coverage! And because it comes with removable pads, this push-up bra is ideal for those with asymmetrical breasts!

This push-up bra features a narrowly-set underwire, a high gore, adjustable straps, and 3-part cup construction. All these crucial elements combine to gather the bust together and lift sagging breasts while giving you ample support!

Full Coverage Bras

Now you know what medium coverage means, what does full coverage? Full-coverage bras cover the entire breast, leaving no cleavage visibility while giving full breast support.

Ewa Michalak SF Gladzioch

The Ewa Michalak SF Gladzioch gives you a smooth finish which makes sense as gladzioch means smooth in Polish! The full coverage cups are made of 4-parts,  supporting your sagging breasts along with a narrowly-set underwire.

The bottom of the cup in the SF Gladzioch bra is made of a particularly stiff, non-stretch fabric. Combined with multiple vertical seams to add extra reinforcement, this bra provides the ultimate support for heavy, pendulous breasts.

This minimalist-styled bra features a high gore, adding even more comfort and support, making it perfect for everyday wear!

Ewa Michalak BM Balconette

The Ewa Michalak BM Balconette is a gorgeously feminine bra made in in strong but delicate-looking lace a variety of stunning color-ways. Along with those all-important underwires and high gore, this bra comes unpadded.

This balconette bra is perfect for sagging breasts! It gives the ideal support and room for your breasts to fill up the cups as they should. And keeps the girls from spilling out without cutting in.


Gone are the days when we'd shy away from showing off our unique bodies and breasts! Hopefully you'll discover some new-found confidence knowing that your sagging breasts are beautiful just as they are.

Luckily, there are growing amounts of bras for sagging breasts, so there's no stopping you from finding your dream bra.

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