A rich and unique bra-making approach, explained.


Polish bras are known around the world for their intentional and high quality construction as well as a wide size range catering to larger cups. Polish brands like Ewa Michalak, Gorsenia, and Gorteks have a growing number of loyal followers. Polish bra enthusiasts hold that the fit and quality is unparalleled, especially for women with a large bust. While often brands in the United States carry only A-D cups and a limited range of band sizes, Polish bras are known for their huge selection of sizes and effectively scaling across the range.

Fun fact: Polish bras and Poland's bramaking expertise has even been recognized by the New York Times!

Multi-part-cups that provide unmatched support for heavier, fuller busts.

Polish bra-makers leverage a unique 3- or even 4-part-cup technique that utilizes a single horizontal seam and multiple vertical seams to lift and support breast tissue much more effectively than typical one-piece t-shirt bras.

Bras that scale up to properly fit larger breast sizes

Unlike many American bras, Polish bras scale up appropriately for larger busts. They take into consideration the shape, materials, and structure that is needed for a comfortable fit for larger cup sizes, even through K cups.

Polish bras are made with intentional materials - many 3 or 4-part styles include a stretchy tulle or lace in the upper part of the cup to mold to a variety of shapes and accommodate cyclical fluctuations in breast tissue. In molded styles, they leverage high quality foam and often include removable padding to allow women to customize the bra to either add volume or correct for asymmetry in the breasts.

Polish bra brands offer inclusive, realistic size ranges for a perfect fit.

While most American brands stop at a D cup, Polish brands have been catering to the reality of women's bodies for decades. That means a much wider range, with band sizes up to 50, and cups up to an N cup or beyond. See our Polish bra sizing guide for more info.

There's no need to rely on "sister sizes" because bras from Poland are purposefully handcrafted to fit your 'true' size.

Polish lingerie brands make a variety of styles, all in precise cup and band sizes for the perfect fit

Ever tried a "one size fits all" bralette that absolutely did not fit? Polish lingerie brands offer a variety of both wired and wireless styles tailored for the deep cups and band size needed for full busted women. Regardless of the style you're looking for, you'll find something in your true bra size, constructed with the right materials and bra pattern to provide the support needed for a larger bust.

Polish bra-makers hold a special reverence for getting the details right, whether that's choosing the perfect lace as a base for an unlined style, adding subtle embroidery to strap, or simply measuring just the balance between minimalist and bold.

Narrow underwires for a lovely shape

A few Polish bra brands are known for their narrowly-set underwires. Under clothes, this helps create a shape where the breasts fit within the contour of the body, a style that many women prefer to wear. Note: bras with narrowly set cups (e.g., Ewa Michalak bras) are a great idea for women with narrow roots, but may also work well for breasts that are set further apart depending on the style and preferred shape.

Lingerie Brands with Local Production Facilities

Our partner brands are based in Łódź and Białystok in central and eastern Poland. Our Polish bras are handmade and assembled in these cities known for their textile manufacturing expertise. Most bras from US-based brands are manufactured abroad - companies typically outsource their production to low-cost, high volume factories in China.

Today, very few brands design and produce their bras all in the same place, but most Polish brands have kept their production local to Poland or Europe. Some brands, like Gorsenia, are steadfastly dedicated to locally sourcing their fabrics and raw materials within Europe. Other brands, like Ewa Michalak, pride themselves on their hand-sewn process and meticulous quality control - their team will sew orders especially for us to ensure each specific piece is just right.

Our partner brands have been producing bras for a large range of cup sizes for decades and have perfected the art of the full cup bras for larger busts.

Bra Expertise with Historic Roots

Polish bramakers are lingerie experts with a unique and interesting history. Specialized undergarment production started in Poland's socialist era in the 1960s. In Białystok, a government run lingerie company called, "Wzorcowa," was a major employer dedicated to creating bras for all of Poland and much of the Eastern Bloc.

With the Solidarity Movement spurring the fall of Socialism in Poland and more broadly leading the way for the fall of the Iron Curtain, Poland was left with bra-making experts, some whom continued to hone their craft went on to start their own private bra brands.

Today, Poland rivals France as the lingerie capital of the world, with numerous Polish bra brands offering supportive and beautiful styles made to fit women of all body types and bra size for everyday wear.