Polish Balcony Bras - Perfect for Big-Busted Beauties!

November 25, 2022

Polish Balcony Bras - Perfect for Big-Busted Beauties!

Finding the dream bra can sometimes feel impossible. Endlessly trying on different styles and sizes. One cup is too small while the other fits perfectly, or there is too much spillage bending over.

You end up feeling defeated and disheartened. Back to square one. Again.  

So, what exactly are balcony bras, and why are they a perfect option for a fuller bust?

What Are Balcony Bras?

Essentially, balcony bras offer all the benefits of a full-cup bra without all that coverage. 

Polish balcony bras leverage a multi-part cup construction, with vertical seams at the bottom of the cup that provide superior support for both lined and unlined styles. A balcony bra may also include fabric on the top of the cup, which is often flexible, allowing for a great fit across many breast shapes and accommodating fluctuations in size very nicely.These bras mold around the lower part of your chest with their typical half-moon cup shape. Most of the support is at the base of the cup, with different flourishes and accents at the top. 

Balcony bras still give your girls all the support and coverage you’re craving but don’t swallow them whole. If you have a fuller, heavier bust and struggle to get enough support from a typical t-shirt bra, a Polish-style balcony bra needs to be your go-to bra!

3 illustrated balcony bras

What Makes Balcony Bras Different?

Balcony bras are characterized by a square or sweetheart neckline with a higher bridge. They also typically have wider bra straps that sit more to the side of the cup than the center, giving a comfortable fit with great support.

Because of their typical semi-circle cup shape, balcony bras give asymmetrical boobs the exceptional support they deserve. 

If this is the case for you, stretch-lace balcony bras will give you the flexible coverage needed for containing the wannabe escape artist of your chest while comfortably supporting the obedient one.  

Who Do Balcony Bras Suit Best?

Balcony bras suit every shape and size, but they are incredibly popular with big-busted ladies. This is because the construction of the cup provides unmatched support while still being sexy and comfortable. 

A common issue with large-cup bras is planning your outfit around the bra. You think, will the straps show? Will the top of the cup peek out of the low-cut dress I want to wear? 

With their wide-set straps and sweetheart neckline, worry no more!

Balcony bras are a must for those with teardrop-shaped breasts, regardless of size. 

What are teardrop-shaped boobs?

Breasts with teardrop shapes are those that are bottom-heavy, i.e., teardrop shaped. Have you ever noticed your breasts are fullest below the nipple line? Then, you most likely fall into this shape type.  

Balcony bras are the perfect remedy for this breast shape! They provide the much need support while evenly spreading out the weight to fill out the entire cup. 

What’s The Difference Between a Balcony Bra and a Balconette Bra?

When searching for balcony bras, you might find only get results for balconette bras. So, what gives?

They’re actually the same thing!

Balconette is a term that is also used to describe a false balcony or "french balcony." Because of how much influence France has on fashion and lingerie from the beginning, it’s still used today. 

So, next time you’re hunting for balcony bras, you can be confident you’re looking at the right style when you see a ‘Balconette Bra’ description. 


Fun fact: Balcony bras earned their name because the neckline of the bra is along the ‘balcony’ line of the chest.


Differences between Balcony and Demi Bras

A commonly googled question is the difference between balcony and demi bras. Sometimes companies use these terms interchangeably, but there is a slight difference so watch out when shopping. 

A demi-cup bra means half-cup in French. These bras are similar to balcony bras with their strap positioning. However, the cups tend to be less full than a balcony bra, giving less coverage. And, balcony bras usually push the breasts to the ‘balcony’ of the chest whereas demi bras don’t have that push up effect. For some full busts, demi bras may not work best as the minimal coverage and cause dreaded spillage toward the middle!

A quick way to tell the difference between a balcony bra and a demi bra is that balcony bras create a sweetheart neckline, whereas demi bras give a straighter square or triangle shape. 

Illustration showing 2 balcony bras on the left, with sweetheart necklines, and two demi bras on the right, with straighter necklines

Can You Wear Balcony Bras Every Day?

Finding comfy bras is like striking gold. It feels like your boobs are being hugged by angels. So, you end up stocking your wardrobe full of them. Totally makes sense!

But, can you wear balcony bras every day?

Yes, of course you can! If you are getting the support and comfort you’re desperately craving, why wouldn’t you wear them every day!

Having a well-fitted cozy bra does incredible wonders for your self-confidence and esteem. If you’ve ever worn a poorly fitted bra, it usually ends in stooped shoulders and constant adjusting, even in your comfiest clothes. 

So, go on and wear your goldmine balcony stash as often as you like!

Will a Balcony Bra Ruin Your Outfit?


You no longer need to think of how your bra will look or show through your outfit. The balcony bra is so versatile, you can be confident wearing it under any outfit.

Balcony bras are designed to make the most of your cleavage, so why not show it off wearing low-neckline dresses? Or how about those outfits with a square or boat-neck neckline that you couldn’t wear with your other bras?

The smaller cup of the balcony keeps you secure without peeking out the top of your outfit. These bras let you explore your sexy, sultry fashionista self, without ruining your look or confidence!

Nothing is worse than finding a gorgeous top only to discover that your bra straps are on show! With balcony bras, the wide-set straps stay hidden while displaying the girls proudly. 

And, if you want an extra boost, push-up balcony bras are the dream solution. They accentuate your bust with their half cups and underwire support.

Plus, because of the wider-set straps, balcony bras suit broader shoulders brilliantly. But, if you have narrow shoulders, you may find the straps slipping off the shoulder a lot without securely fastening the straps!

A brunette standing on a white balcony wearing a gorgeous white balcony bra by Gorsenia

The stunning Gorsenia Pasadena balcony bra, on a balcony :)

When To Avoid Wearing Balcony Bras

Because of the construction and materials used in these bras, the only time you may want to avoid wearing balcony bras is when you’re exercising. 

Although these bras have your girls covered for a spontaneous sprint, securing your chest in a sports bra when exercising is your best bet. 

Sports bras specifically are made to minimize the movement of your bust when you exercise, and many leverage sweat-wicking materials that help keep you dry during your workout. Balcony bras are not made with the same goals in mind, so may be best for activities other than exercise.


Balcony Bra Styles

Now that you know more about balcony bras, it’s time to consider what style you want. 

Do you want a padded bra? Unpadded? Or maybe a sexy lace balcony bra? The choice can seem endless sometimes, so let’s get you started!

Ewa Michalak’s BM balconette bras come in neutrals like black, white, and beige, as well as more daring choices like green and pink.

Each bra is unpadded and has delicate lace extending up each cup, giving you that all-important full coverage. With a pretty bow and jewel embellishment, the high mesh bridge provides the ultimate security while remaining sexy, and providing unparalleled lift. 

The three-part cup and narrow-set underwires make the most of your bust by gathering in your boobs while creating a full-rounded sweetheart neckline. 

If you want the option of a push-up balcony bra that is simple but sweet, Ewa Michalak’s S Padded Push-Up bra is just the ticket!

This bra has removable push-up pads, providing the perfect flexibility to either correct asymmetry, or as a changeup for those days when you don’t want your boobs in your face! Available in a nude color, this padded balcony bra is a go-to choice for everyday wear. 

Like Ewa’s BM bras, this padded bra has a high, solid bridge topped with a satin bow and jewel embellishment. There’s no harm in a little bit of bling!

And, making sure you’re getting the most out of your large bust, the S Padded Push-Up bra has the typical three-part cup and narrow-set underwires to prop up the girls exquisitely, front and center. 

Or, why not embrace your risqué side with Gorteks Pamela bra? The Pamela emphasizes your bust while letting your nipples feel free. 

The Pamela is unmolded and is made of semi-sheer mesh with floral embroidery. But, if that sounds like too much freedom and not enough support, don’t worry! 

The cups are reinforced with inelastic tulle to provide all the support you need and enhance your sweetheart neckline. And, you’ll get extra support with subtle but strong side boning. 

With all of these bras, all you need to think about now is what outfit to wear!

Benefits Of Choosing Polish Bra Brands

Maybe you’re asking yourself, this all sounds amazing, but what makes Polish brands so great?

Polish brands are well respected among European countries. They’re affordable and high quality, including our featured Polish balcony bras.

So, why let Europe have all the fun?

And, if you still need some convincing, 

Just a little ‘getting to know you’ section about our current brands!

Ewa Michalak has one of the largest bra sizes ranges available worldwide, keeping all busts in mind. Their bras are a firm favorite among the larger-cupped ladies and have justly earned their loyal fanbase.  

Gorsenia prides themselves in creating sensual lingerie for women of all sizes and shapes. They have been around for over 50 years and are known for using delicate fabrics, lace, and embroidery in a size range that goes up to a J cup.

Gorteks is a 100% Polish family-run company established in 1994. They proudly uphold the highest European standards while sourcing materials from European specialists.  

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