Make White Lingerie into a Bold Statement with these 5 Sexy White Bras for Full Busts

February 19, 2023

Make White Lingerie into a Bold Statement with these 5 Sexy White Bras for Full Busts

Growing up, most women were taught to have three staple bra colors in their wardrobe: white, black, and nude.

But no matter the design or detailing, it can be hard to find white ones! Or they only seem to be featured in the must-haves of bridal wear (with that crazy price tag).

Why should brides be the only ones who get to feel confident in their white bras? Why can't all women feel sexy in their white bras under everyday clothes? Or make a statement under a sheer/mesh top!

Luckily, our Polish-made white bras will keep your girls secure and in peak comfort.

Why You Need a Sexy White Bra in Your Wardrobe

White is a bright, eye-catching color that stands out again most skin tones. Use that to your advantage to create a bold look, or pair it under light clothes to keep your undergarments invisible.

3 reasons you should have a white bra in your rotation:

  1. to wear on its own as a sexy lingerie 
  2. to show off feminine detailing under clothing 
  3. to wear as a matched basic under light clothing

How to Get the Most out of Your White Bras

two women posing wearing white lingerie

When to Wear a White Bra

When worn on its own white bras are a bright, bold, and sexy look - whether or not you're going for bridal energy.

Despite its reputation, white lingerie can make a statement: it provides a gorgeous and bold contrast on darker skin tones, and can serve as an elevated, bright neutral on lighter tones.

women with a variety of skin tones sitting on a window ledge, wearing white lingerie

When wearing white bras under clothes, consider pairing it with lighter tops or dresses. White bras are beautiful under summer tops and dresses, as well as other seasonal clothing. When wearing white bras under clothes, the key is to make choices that align with announce themselves under your outfit.

If you'd like your bra to stay invisible, choose a white bra with seams and lace detailing, you help dampen this brightness while still feeling sexy in your bra. Plus, this extra detailing is guaranteed to get you noticed!

The only times you might want to avoid wearing a white bra is under dark-colored clothes. Not only can the color peek through, but the dyed fabric can also stain your brand-new bra.

How to Style Your White Bra: Make it Look Like a Bra and Panty Set

One of the best parts of wearing white:

You can easily fake a matching bra and panty set with the underwear you already have in your lingerie drawer.

Grab your favorite white color tanga, lace thongs, boy shorts or other tighty-whities, pair it with your sexy white bra and make it a sexy, classic-looking set!

woman wearing white lace lingerie

White Bra Care Tips

Taking proper care when washing your delicate bras -- and avoiding tumble-dryers at all costs -- is key to keeping your white bra white and in top condition.

Check out our bra care guide for more info!

woman laying down, wearing a white lace strapless bra

Best DD+ White Bras Guaranteed to Make You Feel Sexy, Comfortable, and Confident

If you want guaranteed comfort with your bra, the best option is to stick with Polish brands. Luckily, you don't have to browse in the store. Our excellent selection below is all you need!

The brands we feature pride themselves on supporting women of all sizes! (Without making your mouth drop with the price!)

Ewa Michalak BM Balconette

The EM balconette bra is a superb choice for big-busted women, especially those with teardrop breasts. This white beauty gathers in the bust with narrowly set underwires while supporting you from the bottom.

This bra gives you full coverage with gorgeous lace detailing with a cute bow and button embellishments. The BM balconette is a perfect everyday choice!

Ewa Michalak PL Padded Plunge

Whether you want padding or not, the EM Padded Plunge bra has you sorted! Having the option to remove one (or both) pads is perfect for getting flawless cleavage or correcting asymmetry.

Made of beautiful ecru lace with a low peek-a-boo center gore, this plunge bra is perfect for accentuating your amazing bust under deep-cut outfits. And is topped with stretch lace to make sure the girls stay put.

Gorteks Charlize

The Gortek Charlize bra is incredibly versatile and beautiful under any outfit. Unlined with sexy lace over the cups and A-line straps, this bra is an excellent choice for any cold-shoulder outfit you have your eye on.

And, if you want to make a statement, the Charlize is a long-line bra that looks amazing under a sheer top!

Gorsenia Pasadena

Described as 'feminine lace with an edge', the Gorsenia Pasadena bra fills that description to a T! Each cup is made of 3-part tulle overlaid with delicate scalloped lace. Adjustable, beautiful harness straps enhance your chest, drawing the eye to your cleavage as much as you want.

Between the gorgeous detailing and wide-set straps, feel confident with the Pasadena under any V-back outfit while drawing the focus to the front.

Gorsenia Paradise

Like Pasadena's design, the Gorsenia Paradise bra stands out with bold lines and contrasting detailing. The cups are tulle topped with sexy lace. With harness straps, this bra brings all the focus to your cleavage, bringing attention to the pretty center gore ring.

Depending on size, the Paradise cups join together with 2- or 3-hook closures, giving you the ultimate comfort without taking away that sexy feeling. Just like the Pasadena, this bra is perfect under any V-back top. No matter if you want a subtle sexy feeling or a statement piece!


So much choice and so little time. So, why not browse our entire white bra collection now?

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