How Can a Bra be Both Soft and Wired? An Oxymoron Explained

January 08, 2023

How Can a Bra be Both Soft and Wired? An Oxymoron Explained

I Keep Seeing "Soft Wired Bras" in Some Bra Stores. Please Explain.

When you search for your favorite Polish bras, you might see that they class some of them as "soft wired bras." Essentially, these bras tend to be unmolded, letting your breasts sit more naturally in each cup while providing the structure of an underwire.

Comfort is key when choosing bras, and soft-wired ones are a fantastic choice for bustier ladies. They still support you with the underwire without the added bulk of a padded or molded cup!

If you struggle with finding a flattering bra that doesn't make you look like you're smuggling torpedos under your top, keep reading to find out how amazing soft-wired bras are for large-chested women.

barbed wire on a white background

What are Soft Wired Bras?

Now, it might seem like a soft-wired bra doesn't exist. So how can a bra be soft against your body but also feature an underwire?

Many Polish brands, including Gorteks, uses the term 'soft' when describing their unmolded bras.

But, they always put quality first and create supportive cups with clever use of fabric. These unmolded cups can either be wireless or wired. Leaving the decision of picking either type up to you.

Unmolded bras are a favorite option for many women as this style is more adjustable to your shape and size. Every single body is different and having uneven breasts is normal, so the soft, unmolded style accommodates this more than molded bra.

A lot of soft unmolded bras have stretch fabric, usually lace or tulle, at the top of the cup that helps accommodate the difference in breast shaping and size.

Even though you can get a wired soft bra, molded ones are more rigid in their structure and force your breasts to sit a certain way. And the molded cup tends to be shallow, which really doesn't offer the full-busted women the comfort and support they need. Maybe this is why you've never found a molded bra to fit you properly!

What's the difference between a soft bras and soft wired bras?

A soft bra is an umbrella term to describe multiple styles of soft bras. Many non-Polish brands tend to call all their bras soft if they're not wired and are made from a flexible material, i.e., unpadded wireless bras.

But Polish brands, especially those that focus on giving full-bust women beautiful and supportive bras, don't restrict themselves to only wireless bras.

In the past, wireless bras were thought not to offer enough support, but now the bra industry has found a perfect solution.

Many soft-wired bras have 3- or 4-piece cups, maximizing how well the bra fits your body. These multiple-piece cups distribute the strain of support down the seams to the wire, giving you support while keeping your body's natural shape.

For instance, Gorsenia's Casablanca soft bra has a 3-part cup, with the bottom two parts providing the body of support while being topped with exquisite scalloped lace. Plus, this wired bra has wide adjustable straps, so you'll know your girls will get that extra support! Coming in two colors, beige and black, you'll feel elegant and comfortable for anything that comes your way. 

Screenshot of Gorsenia's website, showing a soft wired bra


Difference Between Soft Bras and Bralettes

You might often see bralettes included in the website's soft bra collection when shopping for bras. Even though some people use soft bras and bralettes interchangeably, bralettes are slightly different.

Bralettes are a specific type of wireless soft bra that aren't padded. They are usually made of delicate, fine material like lace or sheer detailing. Just like Gorteks' Zara Bralettes.

The Zara bralette has a soft, smooth cup topped with a sheer layer. And it has wider-set adjustable straps and a 2- or 3-hook and eye back (depending on the size), creating the perfect balance between support and comfort.

Because the material is essentially the cup of your bra, bralettes are a fantastic choice for those that want to go braless but want a level of comfortable support.

Why Do People Wear Soft Bras?

Extra comfort!

It might seem like an obvious answer to why people choose soft bras over molded bras. A soft bra is...well, super soft, and many people think that molded bras, in comparison, aren't comfortable enough. Unfortunately, though, that's a myth that still needs more busting!

Aside from the obvious comfort, many wear unmolded bras for reasons such as personal preference and during pregnancy.

Which Cup Size are Soft Wired Bras Made for?

Soft wired bras come in a very wide size range - some brands like Gorsenia and Ewa Michalak make supportive unmolded bras with underwires up through a US J cup and beyond!

Although we often erroneously think of molded bras as being best for large, busts, soft bras can often provide similar or superior support, especially if they leverage a multi-part cup construction that Polish bras are so famous for.

Because no two busts are the same, it's hard for molded bras to fit every woman's chest properly especially bigger women. They either force breasts up into your face, or create unflattering shapes as your 'non-conforming' bust gets forced into unnatural positions. Depending on your breast shape, the rigid form of molded cups could be a definite no-no.

Unmolded bras give more support and better shaping to larger breasts while keeping a more natural shape to your figure. Regardless of cup size, because there's so much flexibility in seam placement and fabric, there's more of a selection of unmolded bras than molded ones.

When it comes to pregnancy, many women choose soft bras during pregnancy or while breastfeeding because they give enough support while accommodating sensitive changing breasts. Plus, the ease of flicking a strap down to breastfeed makes it a more sensible style for new mothers.

When Should You Wear a Soft Bra?

There's no right time to wear a soft bra. So, if you want to wear one all day long, every day, then do it! It's all about your personal preferences and comfort level.

But if you're curious about better times to wear a soft bra rather than a molded one, keep reading!

For Lounging at Home

The most obvious time to wear a soft bra is when you want to relax at home. You can really lean into the sofa slouch without the fear of major cup gaping with this style of super soft bra. Or if you're doing some light activity around the house, it's best to wear something that gives you support but is still flexible as you move.

woman lounging in bed with tea and a laptop

Gorsenia Kelly: a Soft Wireless Bra with a Hook and Eye Closure

Gorsenia's Kelly bralette is just the ticket for epic lounging. Now, you might be thinking that wrestling a crop top over the top of your head isn't your idea of relaxing fun.

Thankfully, the Kelly bralette has the classic hook and eye closure at the back, so no breaking a sweat getting it on! The delicate black lace makes you feel attractive, while the seam cups keep the girls supported.

When Traveling

Some women mention wearing soft bras during long trips in the car or while working in an office. These times are when you'll be sitting the most. While sitting, your posture changes, and soft bras give your breasts the freedom to rest naturally.

Ewa Michalak SF "Smooth" Gładioch: a Soft Underwire Bra Great for When You're on the Go!

No more cup gaping! That's something to remember when you're planning your next adventure or looking to head into the office. Ewa Michalak's SF Smooth Gładzioch is a perfect choice.

When You're Feeling Yourself

Looking for an excuse to feel feminine and sexy?

Gorteks Charlize: A Stunningly Sexy Bra with Gorgeous Sheer Lace Details

A delicate longline bra like Gorteks' Charlize is thin and soft with beautiful details that are sure to up your confidence. Coming in three colors - white, black, and beige, the Charlize bra has A-shaped adjustable lace straps in the back, and adjustable hook and eye clasps to help get the fit just right.

When Should You NOT Wear a Soft Bra?

There's no hard and fast rule on when you shouldn't wear a soft bra, but the best time to wear a different style is when you're doing high-intensity exercise.

Wearing a sports bra is the ideal type to wear when doing intense exercise.

A sports bra gives your girls the support they need with padded super-supportive cups that help prevent chafing, breast pain, and premature sagging after all that jumping or jogging!

Another time you might want a different bra style is when you want to wear a particular outfit. Molded wired bras tend to streamline your overall look and give you a smooth silhouette, ideal for a body-contouring dress or top.

Ewa Michalak SF Nibynic: a fantastic multipurpose soft wired bra

That said, Ewa Michalak's Nibynic will still give you the ultimate support and comfort when you want to stay with unmolded bras. It has a 4-part cup, underwire, adjustable straps, and vertical boning for superior support. Plus, it comes in a versatile beige color, going beautifully under almost any outfit.

Can a Soft Bra Provide Enough Support For Fuller Busts?

When talking about a soft bra by a Polish brand like Gorsenia, they don't mean just wireless bras. Of course, you can always choose a soft bra that has an underwire if you want. But it's worth remembering that improvements in bra structure mean you can be supported while going wireless too!

It's common to think wireless bras aren't supportive enough to fit a large chest's bigger cup size needs. But with the improvement in quality and make of bras, there's no reason why bigger busts can't enjoy any variation of soft bras. No matter if it's wired or not. 

Depending on the bra brand you choose, you can pick ones with vertical boning along the sides of the cup, creating a gentle form for your girls to nestle into and keep them contained. For both soft and molded bras, remember a snug band can help alleviate back pain, lessen pressure on the shoulder straps, and even can help improve your posture.

All common complaints of fuller-busted ladies!

Maybe you're intrigued by the 3- or 4-piece cup look that some brands feature. These different parts add up to make sure that the support is where it's needed with the flexibility of a stretchy material top. All of our unmolded bras have at least 3-part cups, so you don't have to choose between support and your desired look.

 illustration of a longline bra with a multi-part cup


Does a Soft Wireless Bra Make You Sag?

You might see a cute bra that seems to tick all the boxes: perfect band size, smooth, soft cups, and an excellent price. But it's not wired, and you might think, won't a wireless bra make your breasts sag after a while?

It's a common misconception that soft wireless bras make your chest sag.

It's completely normal to worry about whether not having a wired bra is going to add to the sag that comes with age. Unfortunately, sagging breasts is a normal part of life and can't be stopped unless you decide to go down the plastic surgery route.

Although there are some lifestyle and dietary changes you can make to maintain your skin's elasticity (i.e., perkiness ability), one of the best ways to help prevent premature or worse sagging comes down to your bra- the fit, fabric, and quality. And quality is even more important when it comes to wireless bras.

As you know, if a bra isn't wired, the support relies on the rest of the bra: the shaping of the cups, straps, and band. So the cup sections, seam quality, and boning features are all essential to make sure your girls are supported.

During the Covid lockdowns, many women decided to go braless. But it would be best if you give your breasts some support. Going braless or wearing something ill-fitting only encourage drooping and sagging.

A frequently mentioned metric is that 8 in 10 women wear the wrong bra size - although quite a catchy and impactful number, this often-cited statistic actually hasn't been validated. Turns out, there may not be scientific evidence to back it up. Here's what's not shocking, especially for full-busted ladies:

It can be really difficult it can be to find a well-fitting bra. Regardless of a bra's cup and band size, finding something that is comfortable and helps you feel confident!

woman holding many bras that we presume don't fit!

If you're not sure whether you're in the right band or cup size, why not contact our excellent customer support team? Bra fitting experts will help you find the perfect size and style for your unique needs.

If you're craving the freedom of going braless, choosing non-wired bras or bralettes is a great compromise.

Going completely braless means absolutely no support for your breasts. As we age, our skin thins and becomes less elastic. That means the effect of gravity on your chest increases, and increases sagging.

Now, this doesn't mean you can't experience the relief that comes when you whip off your bra coming in the door! So why not just swap it out with a soft wireless bra or bralette?

What Is The Most Comfortable Bra For Hot Weather?

Wireless Bras

The most comfortable bra to wear during hot weather will always be what you're most comfortable in. But, if you're looking for different options to help curb the dreaded underboob sweat and resulting chafing, you may want to avoid underwire bras.

The metal wire isn't breathable, so it doesn't let your skin breathe. Between that and the sheer weight of your chest gives sweat all the time it needs to make you feel a sweaty mess!

Unmolded, Soft Bras

Aside from avoiding wired bras where possible, many women decide to go for unmolded bras or bralettes.

Unmolded wireless bras and bralettes are incredibly breathable, soft, and not padded. They are thinner and use less materials, making them perfect choice for letting your body breathe during a hot day.

Why not try wearing just a bralette during the next heatwave? Bralettes are gorgeous to wear as a top. Wearing these bras as a top isn't for small-chested women anymore!

Whatever you need to do to stay cool is all that matters. But, during summer, remember to wash your bra more regularly and rotate them often.

Is Wearing A Soft Bra To Bed Okay?

I don't know about you, but when I was growing up, all I heard was how sleeping with a bra was one of the worst things you could do. If it wasn't worrying about increasing breast cancer risks, it was stressing about stunting breast growth.

Whether or not you wear a bra to bed is entirely up to you. If you want to wear your favorite soft-wired bra to bed, just go ahead!

There's no medical evidence to suggest that sleeping with a bra on is harmful!

Contrary to popular belief, sleeping in a soft bra can actually alleviate breast pain and improve sleep quality. This is purely because wearing a bra limits breast movement. And is even recommended for full-busted ladies who shift a lot in their sleep.

If you'd prefer to sleep with that bit of support, sticking with a soft bra is a great option. Choosing a soft, unmolded bra will help prevent the cup from gaping at the sides and stop the padding from pushing back into your body.

Or if you're a light sleeper, you might find that having an underwire bra will disturb your sleep, feeling that wire pushing against your body. This is why bralettes come in clutch yet again!

The Gorteks Zara wireless bra is the ideal option for sleeping in, in my opinion. It includes sheer tulle detailing, so it's breathable and flexible to move with your shifting body. Plus, the minimizing multi-part cups will prevent your breasts from breaking free from the cup during sleep.

Image of black Gorteks Zara bra on a white background

When sleeping in a bra, it's extra important to wash it regularly. This is because, during the night, your body sweats and releases natural oils which will stain your bra.

Can Wired Bras Be Comfortable?

There's no reason that wired bras can't be as comfortable (or even more comfortable) as wireless bras. And with more styles and designs becoming available, the old thinking that wired bras are prettier than wireless ones is gone.

Many women prefer the security of having a wired bra over a wireless. I know I sometimes worry that my girls will be trying to sneak out through the bottom of the band!

Aside from that, having a soft-wired bra is the only option for many big-busted ladies to help offset back and shoulder pain.

The main things that affect how comfortable a wired bra are if it's made from high-quality soft fabric and the right fit for your shape. With the perfect size, the weight of your bust will come off your straps as the underwire takes the brunt of the pressure.

Depending on the brand you use, make sure to follow their size guidelines to get the right fit. For instance, Ewa Michalak's bras tend to run smaller than others, so they usually recommend a size up in the cup or band.

To help you figure out what sizes suit you best with our collection of brands, you can check out our sizing guide or Fit Notes section on each product page for your perfect fit.

But if you're sure you have the perfect bra but it's not as comfortable as it should be, there are a few tips you can try.

  1. Adjust the straps. After enough washes, your bra straps will loosen. The straps are just right when you can fit two fingers under the strap.

  2. Adjust band. The more you wear your bra, the more the material will stretch over time. If your bra has the typical hook clasps, move the hooks in one more for a better fit.

  3. Change your washing routine. Even though it seems easy, throwing your bra in the wash won't do it any favors. Instead, to keep the material soft and smooth against your skin, make sure to hand wash with gentle detergent.


Now you know how amazing soft bras are, why not make you and your girls happy today by exploring our entire unmolded collection?

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