Ladies with Augmented Breasts: Here's How to Choose the Best Bra for Implants

August 20, 2023

Ladies with Augmented Breasts: Here's How to Choose the Best Bra for Implants

Every person deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their body. For some, breast augmentation surgery is the first step on that confidence-building journey. With over 300,000 women having cosmetic breast augmentation surgery in 2019 and just over $1 billion spent on breast augmentation procedures in 2020, you're certainly not alone.

Ladies with implants - this article is for you!

There's a whole host of reasons why you wanted to get implants. Maybe it was to plump up saggy breasts or accentuate those vivacious curves with a bust to match.

The journey of breast augmentation is a long one. The excitement of being approved for plastic surgery, the worries of the surgery itself, and then the recovery.

It's a whirlwind of emotions, ending with unbridled excitement when you're completely healed and ready to wear beautiful bras for your gorgeous breasts.

As your body heals and settles into its new normal, you may feel like you're back to the beginning of finding the best bra for your new body.

woman measuring her bust in the mirror

Do band sizes change alongside the cup size? Do you need to find a new bra style for your new breasts? How can you tell what to look for in a bra now?

So many questions, but don't worry, we've got you covered, so all you have to do is enjoy the freedom of finding your best bra!

Breast Implant Profiles

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of finding your new bra size and the best bra types to go for, it's important to know how each implant profile will affect your options.

No matter the profile, it's crucial that you follow your surgeon's advice and wear recommended postsurgery bras until fully healed or told otherwise.

photo of three breast implants with different profiles

So, what are these profiles?

High Profile Implants

These implants are narrower at the base, giving you maximum projection. They create the most rounded, fullest look for most patients and tend to result in a d cup at least.

Moderate Profile Implants

The goldilocks of implants, this type gives the most natural-looking results and is best suited for those with a small or narrow chest wall. They mimic the natural slope of the chest wall. So, those large-cup, small-band bras are going to be ideal.

Low Profile Implants

These implants are relatively flat compared to the other profiles. They give a little pep to your step and are an excellent choice for wide-chested women.

There shouldn't be a struggle to find the dream bra types for this implant profile, depending on your new measurements.

While Healing from Breast Augmentation Surgery, Stick to Postsurgery Bras and Your Doctor's Instructions

It's critical to follow your doctor's instructions throughout the healing process. You'll wear a special postsurgery bra following your procedure. Getting the right postsurgery bra not only helps with comfort levels but also with the healing process.

Catherine Hannan, MD, FACS, says, "postoperative bra can be a critical part of your recovery after breast surgery. They help reduce swelling, support implants that tend to drop, and provide an easy way to attach drainage tubes if you have them after your surgery."

Typically, your surgeon will recommend the best postsurgery bras specially designed for your recovery. They will usually be:

  • wire free

  • made of soft material

  • adjustable

  • and have a longer band.

To promote healing, getting the right kind of bra postsurgery is crucial. You want something that doesn't irritate incisions or restrict movement too much which is why underwires are a no go! 

Finding The Best Bra For Your New Breast Size

After you've completely healed and have been given the go-ahead to wear new bras, you can start to think about rebuilding your bra collection with bras made specifically for large busts.

Before you start shopping, you'll need to understand your new bust.

Not only will the measurements differ from pre-surgery, but many women forget to consider the changes in the shape and density of their breast implants.

picture of breast implants in a bra

Measuring Your New Breast Size

When it comes to the band size, this won't change, no matter how big your implants are. But, to make sure you're in the right band, follow these steps using a measuring tape.

The difference between measuring natural breast tissue and breast implants lies in the cup size measurement.

Each 150-200 cc implant typically increases your cup by one size. So, talk with your doctor if you're unsure what size implant you have.

Even though you've most likely agreed with your doctor about the size you want, even the most experienced surgeon can't guarantee their patients' breast size. Things like existing breast tissue will affect the resulting size.

So, to find the right size for your new breasts:

  1. Stand tall, and run the measuring tape across the fullest part of the breast, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

  2. Measure where the breast begins in the cleavage to where it ends at your armpit.

  3. Then, take a look at this breast implants chart to discover your new size. (For every inch, you go up a cup size).

Discovering Your New Breast Shape

The two main breast implants are either round or teardrop shaped.

illustrated round breast shape

Round gives maximum projection, while teardrop gives a more natural look.

Whereas before, you might have been restricted to a limited number of bra styles, now you're free to discover a whole host of different bras.

Goodbye to uncomfortably shoving your girls into poorly fitting bras. Hello, unlimited comfy choices!

Looking After Your Nipples

After breast augmentation surgery, many women find their nipples will stay permanently erect. Though this won't matter to some, it can annoy others with more sensitive skin.

Luckily, there are covers that will keep your favorite bra the winner. Or, you can look at lined, contour bras (aka molded bras) that provide a little lining to cushion your nipples.

Bra Tips For Your New Breast Friends

But before you overload your shopping carts with fabulous bras, here are some tips to save you some hassle (and maybe some dollars, too!).

  • Wait before you splurge: It can take months for your breast implants to settle fully. So, hold off on the expensive buys until then.

  • Watch for rigid underwire bras: Your breast implants are less forgiving than natural breast tissue. Look for high-end flexible underwire bras or ones with shorter underwires like plunge bras.

  • Stretchy material is your friend: As mentioned above, implants aren't very pliable, so your bra needs to work around you. So look for materials like stretch lace or mesh.

  • Don't discount molded bras: Molded bras are the goddess of streamlining your look. And they are ideal for those with permanently erect nipples.

  • Go for vertical seams: These seams add depth to the bra. If too many bras seem too shallow and cut into the tops of the breast tissue, cups made of multiple pieces of fabric with seamed support creates more depth in the cups and will have you filling the cups perfectly.

oranges in a striped satin strapless bra

Augmented breasts are less flexible and less compressible than natural breast tissue. Be mindful of this when choosing bras and look for cups with enough depth and some flexibility in the fabric to accommodate your new shape.

Best Bras for Implants After You've Healed from a Breast Augmentation Procedure

Now to the juicy stuff... what bras should you be looking for? The resounding answer is Polish. After a quick Google for large cupped bras, especially with a small band, Polish brands like Ewa Michalak, Gorsenia, Comexim, and Gorteks are going to keep popping up.


Polish bras are well-loved for their high-quality, wide size range, and especially deep, projected cups. Ideal for women with breast augmentation!

And because they have such a wide range, you'll find the best bra for your new body in no time!

So, when you're ready to inaugurate your bra day, below are some of the best bras to look for that will support your girls without being too tight!

Molded Styles

Molded bras are one of the most recommended styles after being given the go-ahead by your surgeon. You can go with a wire-free bra or an underwire bra. Or go for a molded t-shirt or plunge bra.

The types of molded bras seem to be endless.

But, for those with breast augmentation, you'll want to wear an underwire bra with horizontal seams for a good fit.

Ewa Michalak, in particular, is one of the most popular Polish bra bands.

We have a couple of fabulous molded bras to support you perfectly without that uncomfortable pressure against your bust often seen with lower-quality bras.

Ewa Michalak PL Padded Plunge

The PL Padded Plunge looks flawless on both types of implants. The cups are covered in elegant ecru lace with a gorgeous jewel in the gore for a bit of glitz. It gathers you in and up, showing off your cleavage in all its glory.

And if you don't want (or need) that cleavage-popping padding, you can easily remove the pads and let your bust do all the talking.

This bra comes with those all-important adjustable straps lined with frill detailing, accentuating your feminine allure. And with two to three eye closures (depending on size), this plunge bra gives you all the support you crave.

Ewa Michalak S Padded Push Up

The Ewa Michalak S Padded Push-Up bra is a flawlessly molded bra with a smooth finish. Perfect for sitting under any outfit. It supports you completely, and the high bridge keeps your breasts safe and secure, no matter what you do.

Just like with the PL Plunge, the pads are removable, so you have the freedom to choose how much you want the girls to be on display.

This beige beauty includes a touch of feminity displaying a cute satin bow with a jewel embellishment in the center gore. And cinches you in with that EM classic narrow underwire.

Balconette Styles

One of the biggest complaints women with breast augmentation have postsurgery is the cup seams being too tight against the tops of their breasts. They dig in and put uncomfortable pressure on your chest.

This is why balconette bras are a godsend.

This style of bra has half-moon-shaped cups, with an emphasis on supporting you from the bottom. Most balconette bras have a stretch material at the top, allowing your breast to fill the bra as they should.

Our balconette bra collection includes 15 beautiful bras from three popular Polish brands - Ewa Michalak, Gorteks, and Gorsenia.

You'll be spoilt for choice, from bras with delicate lace overlay to jaw-dropping decorative straps.


Hopefully, after reading this, you'll be confident in finding the best bra for your new bust and wear every outfit with grace and poise!



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