4 Tips to Make Sheer Plus Size Bras Work (Yes, Even Above a D Cup!)

February 17, 2023

4 Tips to Make Sheer Plus Size Bras Work (Yes, Even Above a D Cup!)

By now we've all seen the images: gorgeous bras with totally see-through cups. They are sexy, provocative, and totally unwearable for anyone with a big bust, right?


Sheer lingerie comes in a large variety of styles. Following a few guidelines that ensure proper fit and support, it can be an ideal sexy choice for the DD+ crowd!

Can Sheer Bras Really Work For A Full Bust?

Short Answer: Absolutely!

The key is finding the right style that is specifically made to fit and support a larger cup size. Contrary to what you might think, sheer bras can be incredibly supportive and are not just for those who wear a smaller size. There are plenty sheer styles made in a wide size range to help you show off some skin. These sheer bras will enhance your natural shape, while keeping you comfortable.

If you have a full bust and have been looking to add sheer lingerie into your rotation, read on to find your perfect match!

What to Look for in a DD+ Sheer Bra

1. Multi-part cups: seams provide support

What to avoid: Bras that use a single piece of sheer fabric for the cup. These styles may work for smaller cups, but they lack the projection, shape, and support of a multi-part cup construction.
sheer bra with a single part cup
What to look for instead: cups comprised of 3 or 4 pieces, stitched together with vertical and horizontal seams. This multi-part structure does two things:
  1. The vertical seams provide reinforcements that drastically improve the support in the lower part of the cup. The horizontal seams allow for stretchier material to be used in the top of the cup, providing flexibility in fit across a variety of breast shapes.
  2. The seems allow the shape of the cup to have more depth and projection, ensuring there's enough space for fuller busts, and creating a rounded, lifted shape.
beige multi-part cup bra hanging in front of sheer curtains


2. A snug band: takes weight off your shoulders

3. Non-stretchy material in the cup: adds lift

4. Strategically placed layering: adds extra oomph


Go Risqué! Fully Sheer Bras, Plus Size Options


Sheer Lace

Unlined lace cups can create a sexy sheer look with a classic feminine touch. Polish bra-maker Gorteks offers stunning lace options in a spectrum of sheerness.


Gorteks Pamela

A gorgeous floral, see-through lace in a supportive 3-part cup, with reinforcement near the underwire. The beige color bares it all. A sparkly embellishment at the center gore adds a fun touch!

Sling some stretch lace panties on your hips to complete the look!



If lace isn't your style, a mesh style in a multi-part cup can be particularly supportive sheer choice. The horizontal and vertical seams enable both a projected, rounded fit, and lift the bust in a way that a t-shirt style bra (one piece of fabric for a single cup) simply can't.

Gorteks Adele


Go Strappy

A trendy, sexy style you might be missing: a sheer cup style embellished with decorative bondage-style straps over the cup. Thankfully there are plenty of beautiful, intricate DD+ options


Gorsenia Paradise

Gorsenia Pasadena

Gorteks Charlize


Pro Tip: When starting with bras in minimalist tones, it's easy to complete the look. Pair it with a matching panty in the same color - you probably have some great options in your wardrobe already!


A More Conservative Option: Choose Semi-Sheer Bras or Bras with Sheer Details

Not ready to bare it all with full sheerness? Semi-sheer bras, or those with sheer panels or details are a way to rock a sheer style without fully exposed cups.

Semi-Sheer Styles

The Ewa Michalak SF styles are unmolded full coverage bras with underwire. They feature an ultra supportive 4-part cup in which the top is made from a stretchy tulle. This serves two purposes: it provides flexibility for the perfect fit across a variety of shapes and any cyclical changes in breast size (read: most women go up a cup size right before their period starts) and it also shows off a hint of skin. Available in a variety of neutral colors, these are the perfect plus size sheer option!

Dip a Toe in with Sheer Details

Gorsenia Kelly and Gorteks Zara are both cup and band sized wireless styles with sheer details. The Kelly has partially sheer straps and the Zara features a sexy sheer panel at the top of the cup to show off just a hint of cleavage in this otherwise more conservative style,




Treat this as your sign to pick out a new favorite bra and rock the sheer trend in a bra you'll love that fits in all the right places.


sheer tulle

Did we miss any sheer DD+ bras that you love? Let us know in the comments!


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